Detention And Prison Similarities

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Does detention and jail have at least one similarity? Everyone experienced any kind of punishments whether it’s not getting to go out of one’s room or not getting to use one’s phone, but the most known probably is detention and jail, detention is a punishment in school and jail is a punishment for criminals, and you may think that they are totally different, but to be honest they have a good amount of similarities.

Detention and Prison are both torture, but the time spent is different than each other, though both feel like forever it's still very different. One may not like both but they both are consequences for whatever it is that a person did. Detention is usually 15-30 minutes and maybe more, and it is usually after school or lunch time
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In detention the reason of being there is probably simple, like one talked in class or was goofing off, also The reason someone is in detention is probably because one did a specific action that isn’t good more than once because when you do it you did start you off with a warning or a small talk. In prison it’s a completely different thing, If someone is in prison it's probably because of something really bad like murder or impersonating someone and these are just some examples, Also The reason you are in prison is probably because you did something illegal. At last detention and prison are both consequences for whatever one did, but detention is not the first punishment, before detention you could either get a warning.

In conclusion prison and detention have different reasons of being there, the punishment they make one do and the time spent in prison is much worse because in the time, punishment and even the reason all showed that prison is a much bigger deal and it’s much worse. The differences between prison and detention are remarkable, Although prison and detention bear some minor
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