Deteriorating U.S. Roadways Essay

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TOPIC: Deteriorating U.S. Roadways GENERAL PURPOSE: To persuade the audience to research, support and act locally and nationally to address the Issue. SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To Inform my audience of the issue so that they are aware of its human impact, how America’s own actions caused the problem and what we, as citizens, can do to help fix our roadways. INTRODUCTION I. ATTENTION GAINER: “On TV I watched as the bridge collapses. Minnesota. Rush hour. Trucks and cars suspended over water. Cars swaying and falling… imagine what those people felt, … when everything they knew, everything they believed they could trust, crashed and broke beneath them, that final moment of disbelief and then the terror as they fell.” This was an excerpt…show more content…
2. In addition, there is a study by Miller & Zaloshnja, published by (PIRE) the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in 2009.[6] In the study, It was assessed that the costs of deficient roadways amounted to $217 billion per year. That’s more than double the costs of crashes related to alcohol or speeding or failing to wear safety belt. Yet, why is it that we don’t hear of this in the media? Our public safety focus needs to be readjusted towards the renewal of our roadways and it must be a top priority. INTERNAL SUMMARY: So we now have an understanding as to why the deterioration of our roadways is such an issue. It is a threat to our safety and our economy. So the question naturally follows, “why is this happening?” and I will address this question next. II. CAUSES: As a functioning asset to people, our roadways must be monitored, maintained and most importantly funded to keep the structures serving their intended uses safely. Also, we all know the adage, nothing lasts forever, and this is true with our roadways, but our society’s pollution accelerates the decay. And these are two main causes where we, as a nation have fallen short. A. “America’s history and prosperity is linked to our public works like Dwight D. Eisenhower’s National System of Interstate and Defense

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