Deterioration in the Lord of the Flies Essay

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When the boys first arrived at the island they were all nice little British school boys that followed the rules, but then quickly deteriorated into malicious killing savages. There are three examples of symbols that illustrate deterioration in the book The Lord of The Flies by William Golding. The examples are: when the conch breaks, when the fire burns down the forest, and when Jack kills the first pig. The first symbol that illustrates deterioration is when the conch breaks. The conch breaks when Roger rolls a rock down the hill at Castle Rock and it crushes the conch into thousands of pieces and it throws Piggy down the cliff. This illustrates deterioration because without the conch nobody will follow and listen to the rules. The…show more content…
The final symbol that illustrates deterioration is when Jack kills the pig. When Jack kills his first pig, it shows the evil and cruel side of Jack. This illustrates deterioration because if Jack and the choir wasn‘t busy trying to kill the pig, they probably would of got saved by the ship that passed by. The first time Jack killed the pig, he was cheerful and overjoyed that he wanted to keep killing, Jack no longer listened to the rules because he was to busy hunting. Jack and the boys were so exciting that they kept on chanting "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood" (75). Killing the pig was a symbol that illustrated deterioration because that was the turning point, after killing the first pig all the savages wanted to do was hunt and kill, they could of got saved when they saw the ship but the choir didn't keep the fire going because they were to busy killing the pig. There are many examples that illustrate deterioration in the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Breaking the conch, burning the forest down and killing the pig were the best examples that illustrated deterioration. Those were the symbols that turned nice, little school boys into mean killing

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