Determinants Influencing The Buying Decisions Of Pregnant Women Essay

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DISSERTATION PROPOSAL NAME NYOKA RUTENDO REG NO R118481M PROGRAM HBBS 4 MARKETING COURSE RESEARCH METHODS LECTURER DR KASEKE TITLE DETERMINANTS INFLUENCING THE BUYING DECISIONS OF PREGNANT WOMEN: A CASE STUDY INTO THE CHOICE OF GYNAECOLOGISTS IN ZIMBABWE. 1. INTRODUCTION Gynaecology is a special medical area which is more prominent in the developed countries and they have gone further in marketing such services especially in the private sector. However in most less developed countries like Zimbabwe marketing of such services is almost rare, despite the growing importance of gynaecological services. Firstly this is due to the fact that most medical practitioners believe there is no marketing in the health service sector. According to Etzel et al (1997), sellers in many industries such as health think of themselves only as producers or creators not as marketers. Also some of these service firms believe such marketing can only be done only by large companies operating in developed countries. This is however not really true according to the American Marketers Association definition of marketing. It regards marketing as “ A process of planning and executing the conception,
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