Determinants Of Health And Health Of Canada Essay

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Determinants of health are specific categories in a person 's life which impact their mental and physical health. Brought into light by a report produced for the Government of Canada by the minister of national health and welfare Marc Lalonde in 1974 titled A new perspective on the health of Canadians Ottawa. The report sought to move healthcare in Canada from a purely physiological process into one which included preventative measures from environment and lifestyle. This behavioural approach was a step in the right direction and paved the way for the shift in thinking beyond just that of treatment of the disease. In 1986 the Ottawa charter for health promotion put into motion the move from medical/behavioural approach to the socioeconomic approach. This approach includes peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable ecosystem, social justice and equity (World health organization [WHO], 1986.) These would be used as a framework for how Canada views the health of an individual. Today these are broken down into 12 categories; income and social status, social support networks, education and literacy, employment and working conditions, physical environments, biological and genetic endowment, individual health practices and coping skills, healthy child development, health service, gender, culture and social environments (Ross-Kerr, J. C., & Wood, M. J. (Eds.) (2014). Each of these categories have been chosen for their impact on canadians health and while on their own each

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