Determinants of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Philippines Essay

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Introduction The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Institute for Space Studies (2014) states that “global surface temperature in 2013 was +0.6°C (~1.1°F) warmer than the 1951-1980 base period average, thus the seventh warmest year in the GISS analysis.” Global warming has always been correlated by the increasing amount of greenhouse gases, which carbon dioxide is notoriously known for, in the Earth’s atmosphere. Many environmental activists are putting pressures to every facet of society and making them aware about the harm of the continuously increasing carbon dioxide emission that the world is experiencing. The Philippines is already starting to experience sudden extreme changes in its climate and natural disasters…show more content…
With this objective, the author thinks that there is a need to empirically determine the impact of macroeconomic determinants on carbon dioxide emissions. Significance Oftentimes, human nature dictates us to spur the most from what we have, thus, it is natural for greed and tunnel vision for growth to be in the minds of many businessmen, policymakers, or any citizen in the population. However, in many cases, these men fail to recognise that more than monetary costs, many of human actions entail environmental repercussions. The significance of this study can be derived from the essence of the variables that are going to be used in this study. Gross domestic product, foreign direct investment, exports, imports, energy use, and urban population relates with economic development. On the other hand, carbon dioxide emissions in this study, relates to environmental sustainability. Given these two, the study will give the reader insights, more or less, on how the Philippine population treats economic development along side environmental sustainability. Through the individual effects of the independent variables, we can infer not only about what those variables contribute to carbon dioxide emissions, but also see the level of environmental awareness that the population injects while inspiring development in the country. With the completion of the paper, we are bringing in practicality and the picture of reality that the Philippine economy and its society is
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