Determinants of Violence in the Greek Football League a Case Study of Paok Fc Supporters

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Dedicated to PAOK FC supporters all over the world.


This essay aims to unveil the opinions, thoughts and perceptions of Greek fans as far as the causes of violent incidents in the Greek football league are concerned. In the first part of this research project some theoretical considerations about determinants of violence, crime and delinquency in general and in sports are being analysed. For the purposes of this study I contacted a small-scale case study research project with 300 PAOK Thessaloniki FC supporters; in an attempt to determine the factors that contribute to the genesis or escalation of violence in the Greek football league. The research findings of this project have been
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The drama of violence in sports and particularly in football is of major concern for the Greek government, because of the 2004 Olympic Games that will be held in Athens. A great debate is on in Greece these days, in order to institute measures for confrontation of football hooliganism. The previous minister of sports Mr Lianis tried to implement the British model of hooliganism elimination –expensive tickets, denial of entrance and stigmatisation of fans that in the past showed aggressive behaviour, severe financial penalties for football clubs that directly or indirectly tolerate these groups of supporters- but these measures where ineffective. Violent incidents still continued to occur in the Greek football league. In June of 2004 the newly elected minister of sports Mr Orfanos started a new scheme for confrontation of violent incidents in sports. But the same mistake was repeated for one more time. The governmental bodies responsible for the implementation of this anti-hooliganism scheme –Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Hellenic Football Association (E.P.O) - did not take under consideration the views and the perceptions of the Greek fans on this issue. As a result this new scheme caused more frustration and disappointment to the majority of football fans. As Kalatzo, a well-known PAOK FC supporter states “they always decide for us without us. This is unacceptable! Those people that decide for us spent their

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