Determination, Discipline, And Dedication

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Determination, discipline, and dedication are the three keys to Doctor Sampson (Sam) Davis’ success. Growing up in the streets of Newark was not easy for any child, pre-teen, teen, and adult, especially for Davis but with the three D’s to success he speaks of in The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream, shows that anyone can succeed when you have friends to help you through it all. Even though Davis did not have a perfect childhood, determination, dedication and discipline would help push him. Davis, as a child, has seen what describes a dysfunctional family and has witnessed many traits of physical, mental, and verbal abuse between his mother and father; “Your daddy ain’t shit,” and, “Your mama ain’t shit” (Davis 19). In some instances, the violence was so severe that the use of a firearm or the destruction of property occurred. Davis’ father would divorce from his mother but, attempt to be there for his children, yet the divorce still took an emotional toll on the kids. As for Davis, he would bury his feelings, to get over the divorce. Davis acknowledged his mother lacked an adequate education, thus, this motivated him to become well educated. However, acquiring adult responsibilities, such as writing and making bank deposits and reading important documents to his illiterate was a grand task for a young child. Times were getting harder for Davis’ family and lack of funds meant utilities could not be paid; his family would be powerless. Even through

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