Determination Of Amino Acids From Fruit Juices

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Outcome 1
Literature Research
My research topic – Determination of the amino acids present in the fruit juices.
What is an amino Acid?
An Amino Acid is a basic organic compound containing both a carboxyl and an amine group
H O N – X – C
What makes all amino acids different?
In amino acids, it is the section between the two function groups ( represented by x in the above diagram ) that makes each amino acid different.
How many are there? What is an essential amino acid?
Scientists have discovered over fifty amino acids but only twenty are used in the body to make proteins. Nine of this twenty are called essential amino acids which we give ourselves from our food and the other eleven are made by the body itself.
The 9 Essential amino acids




What is their function in the body? Amino acids are important in our diet because they have so many different functions. One of the main uses of amino acids is that they are the building blocks that make proteins. Proteins are lchains of amino Acids linked together by peptide bonds making up our muscles, organs, nails, hair and many other necessary part for every living body.
Vitamins and minerals are regulated by amino acids making sure they are performing properly, also enzymes and hormones that catalyse all chemical reactions in our body are proteins. Most importantly our genetic code
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