Determination Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Alexander Bradley Mr. Murray 4/26/16 Courage to Dissent By: Tomiko Brown-Nagin Courage to Dissent helps readers understanding of the Civil Rights movement. Brown-Nagin wrote about the issue that was going on during this time when it pertains to politics, housing, public accommodations, and schools. It highlighted major issue that was a problem in America but especially Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta at this time became a huge stomping ground for African American leaders because of the massive wave of blacks that lived in the city as well as the issue that needed to be address to end segregation. The NAACP began to expand their leadership into smaller components. A lot of local black officials became extremely involved in Atlanta. The city wanted faster results, which focus on local activist and not head officials of the NAACP. One leader that was mention a lot in the book was A.T Walden. A.T Walden was the first black attorney in the state of Georgia. One of Walden accomplishments was the civil rights cases to help the pay for black teachers in Georgia. Through Walden and other leaders in Atlanta, changes were made in the city. First and foremost, voting and housing in Atlanta became a conflict during the civil rights movement. Voting became a huge concern to local Civil Rights activist in the state of Georgia but mainly in Atlanta. The majority of African Americans did not register to vote when they had the chance to vote. Before the 1944 trail against
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