Determination Technique Based Sample And Purposive Sampling

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This study uses primary data, as the primary source supported by secondary data. Determination technique based sample with purposive sampling, while the specification of the research used a descriptive, analytical research type of social-juridical. Based on the research that the intrinsically social function of property rights to land is an element of unity in its source of customary law and serve as a national law governing land rights in Indonesia, therefore the state has the power to regulate them. The legal status of the social function of property rights to land in Indonesia after the Law No. 2 of 2012 is its represssive. Power of entry into force of the social function of property rights to land is by giving proper compensation and fair, but in actual essence in the Maminasata lane of Maros Regency is changing the profit. Keywords: Social Function, Property Rights to Land, Damages 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Implementation of development of public interest, one of the roads are taken by the government to be able to meet the demand for land used to do by way of diverted public land specified in Article 6 of the Basic Agrarian Law (BAL) that all land rights have a social function. The article is a principle of social function over land rights in Indonesia which is the applicable legal principles and should not be eliminated, meaning that remain valid throughout the ages in the Unitary State Republic of Indonesia (USRI). In the social function of property rights to
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