Determination of Calcium Ions in Milk Using Titration

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Determination of Calcium ions in milk using titration.

Background Calcium is a mineral which is essential to the human body. In fact 1.5% of the human body is made up of calcium, and not just the obvious uses such as bone and teeth formation but it is also a vital factor in many enzyme reactions, for example blood clotting. It also partakes in the regulation of the hearts rhythm. Lack of the crucial mineral can result in the build up of cadmium and lead, both of which are toxic. along with causing rickets in children, osteomalacia and osteoporosis. over 99% of the human bodies calcium is found in the bones whilst the remaining 1% or so is found in the blood matrix. Calcium can be found in cereals fruits and vegetables …show more content…

Then there are 1.09 x 10-2 moles of calcium per 100ml of milk.
So the amount of Ca in 100ml of milk is 109mg.

Below is the table for the result of the titrations using semi skimmed milk.

From these results we can see that the average titre volume is

4.6 + 4.75 + 4.70= 14.05/ 3 = 4.68
Therefore determination of the amount of moles of

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