Determination of Ffa and Iodine Value

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UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH SCHOOL OF FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION LABORATORY REPORT NT20903 FOOD CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY Determination of free fatty acid(FFA) and iodine value (IV)in oil LECTURER NAME : MOHD NAZRI BIN ABDUL RAHMAN LAB SESSION : 3 OCTOBER 2011 (GROUP 4, MONDAY) Group Member Title: Determination of free fatty acid (FFA) in oil and determination of iodine value (IV) in oil Introduction Acid value or free fatty acid content is an important characteristic commonly used in quality control of fat and oil. Fats and oils are one of the large variety and important sources in the world. It contains acidity which is the result of the degree of breakdown of the triacylglycerols by a chemical reaction known as…show more content…
H H H H H H H H H C C = C C H + Br2 H C C C C H H H H Br Br H One application of the iodine number is the determination of the amount of unsaturation contained in fatty acids. This unsaturation is in the form of double bonds which react with iodine compounds. The higher the iodine number, the more unsaturated fatty acid bonds are present in a fat. In a typical procedure the acid is treated with an excess of Wij's iodine solution which a solution of iodine monochloride (ICl) in glacial acetic acid. The iodine concentration is then determined by titration with sodium thiosulfate. Iodine value is the average unsaturation measurement in fat sample. Although iodine value is expressed as the weight of iodine added to 100 g of sample, the analytical procedure used to determine the iodine normally use iodine monochloride in acetic acid solution (Wijs’ reagent) as halogenations agent. Objective 1) To determine the free fatty acid found in oil. 2) To differentiate between the free fatty acid formed during the hydrolysis process and oxidation process. 3) To understand the relationship between acid value and free fatty acid 4) To determine the iodine value (IV) in oil 5) To

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