Determination of Man?s Role in Latin America Essay

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Determination of Man’s Role in Latin America
How society describes what is meant by a man’s role is an important definition in every culture. What is right or wrong for men to do in terms of behavior depends on each community, and on people’s own perceptions. Latin American culture has a strict set of values on sexual issues, reflecting a man’s role in society. For all of the communities in Latin America there exists a relation between a man’s role and machismo. The exaggerated sense of manliness that machismo stands for is evident by parents when raising their male children, and by communities and their expectations. Machismo represents a culture of traditions indeed, but how does machismo define the role of
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This idea of masculinity is not only recognized by men, but also by women. Moving from one partner to another when men are married is common in the culture. The necessity of different partners as a part of sexual conquest is important in their masculinity.
An evident attribute for machismo is heterosexuality. “Masculine identity is associated with the fact of possessing, taking, penetrating, dominating, and asserting oneself, if necessary, by force” (Badinter 97). Consequently, the feminine identity is connected with its opposite to balance a sexual equation. The inequity between male and female causes the normality of women being dominated by men in Latin communities. The Hispanic culture highlights the abuse of women by men. In many cases the machismo is transmitted into domestic violence not only to the wife, but their children as well. Violence imposed by machos is an excuse for the necessity of controlling, demanding respect, and hiding vulnerability. Also, machismo is directly linked to the authoritarian parenting style. The authoritarian parenting style is conceived as a demanding father who doesn’t give any explanation to their children. The macho is an authoritarian parent who demands respect from the whole family. The machismo constitutes an explanation for subordination. In addition, the exaggerated male behavior that machismo represents “is assumed to stem from inadequate
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