Determination of Relative Densities and Water Absorption of Coarse Aggregates

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Experiment Title : Determination of relative densities and water absorption of coarse aggregates.

Objective : To determine the relative densities and water absorption of a coarse aggregate. Description of Sample : The sample used was naturally occuring riverside aggregate and was left to soak for 24 hours prior to the experiment. Apparatus Required A pycnometer – a pycnometer is a litre glass jar which has a conical screw on it 's lid, and a small aperature at the apex of the conical lid. The use of a pycnometer allows the same volume to be measured repeatedly. ● An electronic mass balance ● A water bottle ● A pan ● An oven

This experiment was carried out under conditions of constant temperature.

The masses of an
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In no case should the weight of the sample of sand be so great that it would cause permanent deformation to the sieve cloth.

The use of additional sieves may be desirable to provide other information such as fineness modulus, or to regulate the amount of each material on each sieve.

Excessive time on the mechanical sieve shaker to achieve adequate sieving may result in degradation of the sample.
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