Determine Leadership Style

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Determining Leadership Styles BD LDR/531 30 August 2010 Determining Leadership Styles One of the most important tasks any business leader must undertake is a personal assessment. An honest inventory of skills, strengths and weaknesses of a business leader can give insight into those areas that need improvement as well as those that can be accepted and learned to work around. A personal inventory also give the business leader the power of information, which a business leader can then use to create situations that emphasize strengths for more consistently positive outcomes. As a business…show more content…
Although the Multiple-Linkage model is more complex and comprehensive than any other models, it has several conceptual weaknesses. It does not specify how different types of leader behaviors interact with each other in their effects on intervening variables. Leadership and management are commonly mistaken to be the same. Leaders and managers in an organization both lead, but the two are not synonymous. Management functions can provide leadership; and leadership activities can contribute to managing. Often leadership is also misunderstood to mean directing and instructing people and making important decisions on behalf of any organization. Effective leadership is much more than these. Good leadership requires attitudes and behaviors (Chapman, A., 2010). It requires human qualities beyond conventional notions of authority whereas management relies heavily on tangibles measurable capabilities such as effective planning. The followings are some differences between leader and manager. Manager administers, and leader innovates. Manager maintains and leader develops. Manager focuses on systems and structures, and leader focuses on people. Manager imitates and leader originates. Manager accepts the status quo and leader challenges it. Manager has his or her eye always on the bottom line and leader has his or her eye on the horizon. We now have assessed our strengths and weaknesses and have
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