Determining Databases and Data Communication

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Working as a marketing assistant for a consumer electronics company, I am in charge of setting up my company’s booth and equipments at trade shows. Prior to any show, I meet the marketing managers to determine the equipment and displays needed for the show. These are then scheduled for delivery by a shipper to the show site. Once delivered, I supervise the setting up of the booths and equipment by the trade show personnel. After the show, I supervise the packing as well as schedule the shipment back for the booth components and equipment. Upon returning to the home office, I need to ensure that all components of the booth and equipment have arrived and in case of shipping damage or loss, I handle it. In order to achieve my task…show more content…
Decision support systems are mainly used by the management, planning and operations departments in organizations. In my task, a DSS may not be necessary as the data may be minimal and easy to follow up. The data is required to basically track if all booth components and equipment are shipped to the trade show and back to the warehouse. My task is to ensure the booth components and equipment remains intact after every trade show. Scenario 2: I work in a small consulting business where I manage a group of seven employees some working at the office and others from home. However, each of the employees requires internet. LAN refers to Local Area Network. This is a network of computers in small areas. It is usually used in organizations, schools or even at home. A Local Area Network can be created with Ethernet cables and its components or via wireless technology. A Local Area Network has reduced security threats to its data in that for a person to access the data, they need to be within the small region with coverage which is mostly within the company’s or organization’s premises. As a result, this reduces the risk of unauthorized persons accessing the data. WAN refers to Wide Area Network. This is a network that covers a broad area i.e. WAN can transmit data over vast regions unlike LAN. Users of this network have the advantage of connecting to it from anywhere. Due to this attribute, it is widely used by businesses or
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