Determining If Your Staff Is Happy

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Determining if Your Staff is Happy
Take a moment to see what your staff does every day. During your observation, you should be able to readily recognize frustration, upset and anxiety. These emotions diminish the ability for your staff to be productive. Make sure that whenever a staff member is giving or receiving feedback, it is addressed in a positive and constructive way. Remember to listen when a staff member speaks, avoid mentally pushing him or her to the side: If your employees’ sense that you do not appreciate their opinions, they will feel as if you do not care about them; therefore, they are insignificant. Insignificance does not lead to happiness, however, it could lead to a position at a different practice.
What are you doing to evaluate your employees’ satisfaction?
Do you have an employee suggestion box? Make sure you set it up for anonymous suggestions; otherwise, it may remain empty. Employee questionnaires are always helpful. Consider asking your staff to fill one out every 6 months – anonymously again. Consider creating an online questionnaire that allows employees to complete it at their leisure. Make it clear that these questionnaires are designed to ensure a happier working environment for everyone.
Communication is Key – Especially in the Dental Workplace
An office with poor communication cannot run efficiently. Poor communication can lead to confusion, additional work and loss of revenue. Therefore, improving your employees’ communication skills is…
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