Determining Market Demographics Using US Census Data

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Discuss this product in terms of its repositioned target market demographics using U.S. Census Data. To properly determine the market demographics of the target market, one must first identify the market. In regards to the overall target market, users would include those between the ages of 10-65. Both male and female will be targeted. In addition, small to medium sized businesses (those employing 500 of less people) will also be targeted. According to census data there are currently 312 million documented individuals in the United States. Of those, both the baby boomers and their children are the largest demographic, composing roughly half the population. These individuals are more familiar with telephone handsets and those would be more apt to purchase the product. In addition, the states with the largest amounts of these demographics are New York, California, Florida, and Texas. Our repositioning strategy will focus on these key target markets. Within these markets however, the company should use very direct, pinpointed marketing. For instance, Miami, Florida, has the third amount of wealth per capita in the United States. As such, the repositioning strategy would benefit from marketing in this region. The same can be said for Tyler Texas, Los Angeles California, and New York, New York. The repositioned product will appeal to the demographics discussed above because they are the most familiar with the technology. They are more susceptible to new and innovative

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