Determining The Amount Of Edta

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1. Calculate the amount of EDTA required to make a 250ml solution with a concentration of 0.01m 2. Turn on the analytical scale and ensure that it reads zero before placing anything 3. Place the weight boat on the scale and using the spatula, weight out the required amount of disodium EDTA salts, in this case, 0.9306g as calculated, onto the weight boat 4. Record the exact amount used 5. Place a funnel on a 250ml standard volumetric flask 6. Pour all the measured EDTA salts (in the weight boat) into the 250ml volumetric flask 7. Using a pipette, add distilled water into the plastic tray to remove any EDTA salts that may remain in the weight boat 8. Then add the solution to the volumetric flask 9. Fill the volumetric flask half way with distilled water in order to have enough space in the volumetric flask to swirl the solution in order to dissolve the EDTA salts with the distilled water 10. Place a cap on the volumetric flask and swirl volumetric flask until the EDTA salts are dissolved completely and no solids are present in the solution 11. Remove cap and fill volumetric flask with distilled water till 250ml line, using a pipette once the solution is closer to the line in a drop by drop rate to ensure the solution is exactly at 250ml by looking eye level to the line 12. Place volumetric flask cap back onto the volumetric flask and give a final swirl to equally distribute the EDTA solution 13. Label the volumetric flask by writing “250ml EDTA
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