Determining The Origin Of Sexual Orientation

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Determining the Origin of Sexual Orientation
Since the United States Supreme Court ruled marriages of gay individuals to be legal in all states in June 2015, some segments of society, including individuals, business and churches, continue to discriminate against gay citizens. Many of these discriminatory opinions and actions are based on individual religious beliefs. Many people feel homosexuality is a choice of lifestyle, whereas others feel that biological factors determine a person’s sexual orientation. Homosexuals want the same legal rights as heterosexuals. In addition, if it can be proven that individuals are born gay, then society’s attitude could be favorably altered. Poll data indicates that more and more people believe individuals are born gay (See Table 1). Gays would suffer less discrimination if their sexual orientation can be attributed to genetics and biology. Those who oppose homosexuality would feel their condemnation justified if it can be proven the gay lifestyle is a matter of choice. The sociopolitical implications resulting from further definitive research would be of enormous importance; however, years of research have failed to provide a definite origin of sexual orientation. Much more research is needed to close this knowledge gap.
Literature Review
In the North American Journal of Psychology, William Jenkins, the author of “Can Anyone Tell Me Why I’m Gay,” reviews research that has attempted to determine what causes an individual to develop a
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