Determining The Population Structure Of Salmo Salar

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Joshua Igin Determining the Population Structure of Salmo salar (Atlantic Salmon) in the Salmon River, NY The Salmon River is located in Oswego County New York and it empties into Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. It is a major hub of public recreational fishing in New York State and contains a variety of fish including Chinook, Coho, and Atlantic Salmon as well as Brown Trout and many others. The Salmon River was an extremely productive tributary into the late 19th century. Unfortunately, a variety of factors led to the degradation of the water and subsequently the Atlantic Salmon population collapsed. These factors included deforestation, over-fishing, and dam construction. (dec.ny) In 1981 the Salmon River Hatchery was formed in Altmar NY,…show more content…
(Falconer and Mackay, 1996). Additionally, (Youngson et al 2003) explains that in the management of hatcheries, managers must make decisions based on population structure and genetic insight. This research would provide novel information that could inform better decision making in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of the hatchery. The Atlantic Salmon is an appropriate fish to study because of it’s importance globally. It is a commonly eaten fish, and is very prevalently produced used in aquaculture techniques. In addition to that, it’s a fish that has seen a dramatic population decline globally. There are major conservation efforts concerning it, specifically on the coast of Maine. It is an anadromous fish, and typically spends 2-3 years in freshwater, then spends about 2-3 years in the ocean and then returns to it’s native river to spawn. This makes it very vulnerable to the conditions it may face in both environments. The general approach of this study will follow similar methodology to the approach used in Ward 2006. The Genetic diversity within the populations will be examined based on samples locus genotypes and the genome diversity can be examined for fits to Hardy-Weinberg expectations. The genetic differentiation between the samples will be quantified using the FST statistic from Wright,

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