Determining The Population Structure Of Salmo Salar

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Joshua Igin
Determining the Population Structure of Salmo salar (Atlantic Salmon) in the Salmon River, NY
The Salmon River is located in Oswego County New York and it empties into Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. It is a major hub of public recreational fishing in New York State and contains a variety of fish including Chinook, Coho, and Atlantic Salmon as well as Brown Trout and many others. The Salmon River was an extremely productive tributary into the late 19th century. Unfortunately, a variety of factors led to the degradation of the water and subsequently the Atlantic Salmon population collapsed. These factors included deforestation, over-fishing, and dam construction. (dec.ny)
In 1981 the Salmon River Hatchery was formed in Altmar NY, which is a year round fishery that was developed by the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) due to the inability of salmon stocks to reach self sustaining levels. (dec.ny) The hatchery releases almost one million pounds of fish into various streams for the purpose of enhancing native populations in waters that they previously occupied and enhance recreational sport fishing in the area. (dec.ny) The hatcheries have been effective and are vital to the economy of the surrounding area.
There have been efforts to quantify the number of Atlantic Salmon in the River but none to determine the population structure. This research seeks to elucidate the population structure of Atlantic Salmon in the Salmon River, NY. The intellectual merit…
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