Determining the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide

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Chemistry Practical Report: Topic: Determining the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide Patrick Doan 11 CHEM 11 26/9/08 Table of contents 1.0 Aim 1 2.0 Theory 2-3 3.0 Materials 4 4.0 Method 4 5.0 Results 4 - 5.1 Qualitative Observations 4 - 5.2 Example Calculations for each Calculated Value 5-7 -5.21 Experimental Values and Associated Errors 5-7 - 5.3 Accumulated Raw Data 8 - 5.4 Mean Experimental Values and Associated Errors 8 - 5.5 Accumulated Calculated Values, Mean Values and Calculated Errors 9 6.0 Conclusion 10 7.0 Discussion 11 - 7.1 Comparison of Errors 11 - 7.2 Experimental…show more content…
The magnesium strip was then collected. The magnesium was cut into small strips and folded into a zigzag shape. It was placed it in the crucible and weighed on the electronic balance with the lid. The result was recorded 3. The pipeclay triangle was placed on top of the tripod which was sitting on the heatproof mat. The crucible was placed on the pipeclay triangle 4. The crucible was heated without the lid on a gentle heat. As the magnesium started to glow, the lid was replaced and heated with a luminous flame 5. The lid was cautiously lifted a little to allow air in but did not allow any white smoke to escape 6. All of the magnesium stopped glowing and the lid was tilted to one side on the crucible and was heated on a stronger heat for 10 minutes 7. The crucible cooled to room temperature, and then reweighed with the lid and its contents. The result was recorded 5.0 Results: 5.1 Qualitative Observations: A number of observations were made in the execution of this experiment. At the start when the magnesium was broken up into smaller pieces the magnesium was easy to bend and break. When the Bunsen burner was on, the crucible had started to turn black on the bottom. As the magnesium was heated it started to glow after a few minutes. The colour was an orange flame on the magnesium. When the lid was tilted to one side some of the magnesium oxide that escaped as smoke had a vey white
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