Determining the Organization Chart of a Typical Organization

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Organization chart of finance function in a typical organization is determined by each individual company, basically the size of the organization either big or small. The finance department in each typical company consist of chief financial officer (CFO), vice president, one or more accountants and a budget analyst. The head of the finance department is the chief financial officer or better known as CFO whom is also at the top of the organizational chart in finance department. Apart from being a head for the staffs under the finance department whoever report under him or her, overall planning and guidance for implementing the plan in the organization also fall under his or her job scope. The CFO will reports to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the particular organization. Being the head of finance department, the CFO need to work with heads of the other department in the company such as human resources, production, sales, marketing, manufacturing and any other department which the company has in it. Generally, the CFO meets with heads of each and every department in the organization to do planning for the each department. The finance department in every organization responsible for creating, managing and allocating funds, from the company budget to all the department in the company in order for the each department to functions their job. After the CFO, vice president in the next position in the organizational structure in finance department. Vice president directly
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