Determining the Safety of Different Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically Modified Foods A Genetically modified organism (GMO) describes an organism thats genetic material has been adjusted in way that would not occur in nature. This technology allows for the transfer of specifically selected genes from one organism into another, regardless of weither these genes originate from related species or non related species [1]. Genetically modified (GM) foods are generally refer to plants in which have been developed using molecular biology techniques for the purpose of human and animal consumption. The modification of these plants is carried out within a laboratory and used to enhance desired traits to improve the value of the plant. Traditionally, the enhancement of desired triats within a plant was done through selective breeding however, this method was time consuming and its accuracy was unreliable. Genetic modification within a laboratory setting allows for a more rapid and accurate development of plants in which contain the specific desired trait [2]. Safety of GM foods Determining the safety of different GM foods cannot be generalised as different GM foods contain different genes in which are inserted in different ways. For this reason, the safety of GM foods must be assessed individually. The GM foods in which are currently available on international markets have all been risk assessed for safety and have shown to present little to no risk to human health. Likewise, there have been no reported effects on human health as a result of
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