Determinism and Existentialism in View of Same-Sex Marriage

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Determinism and Existentialism in view of same-sex marriage The traditional determinism principle states that anything that happens in the present is necessitated by precursor happenings. In most cases within metaphysics, determinism is viewed as a culmination of the past facts, in conjunction with the present laws of nature will show or carry the truth about the future. This therefore means, at least in philosophy, that when the history and the present laws of nature are held constant, then it is only possible to have one predetermined future at a given moment in time (Michael M., 2009). To relate this to the human behavior and acts, we can argue that is determinism is true, then there are conditions that cause the actions of a given individual at a given time, and these conditions are placed somewhere in the deep remote past even before their own birth, and these can sufficiently explain their behavior. In the article from The New Times done by Haskell D. (2013), he takes the determinist view of sexuality and tries to explain same sex relationship as thing that was predetermined within the individuals from the initial times. He brings in quite a number of examples from plants that naturally hold two sexes within the same flower bud and also draws examples from some animals like snails that hold the ability to give both eggs and sperms. With this, he draws conclusion that the evolution of sexuality among human beings is purely natural and hence was a predetermined thing

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