Deterrence And Rational Choice : The Criminal Justice System And Crime Prevention

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Deterrence or rational choice, which one is the better, or should I say wiser theory to follow when it comes to the criminal justice system and crime prevention. Using extreme capacitation (Deterrence) can be an effective punishment for many in our society, however, there will still be a small portion of our society that will still commit crimes. The majority of the society would use good-ole common sense (Rational Choice) and not commit crimes in the first place. DISCUSSION: Deterrence and Rational Choice are two theories that our criminal justice system has been in place to prevent criminals from committing crimes. Of the many types of deterrence that is available to use that displays our societies consequences, we are going to look at…show more content…
Typically, we find that punishment has minimal effect on some offenders’ behavior (when the difference of incapacitation or incarceration is a few years) or that the crime will relocate to another location to lessen the chances of being detected. Specific deterrence is projected to communicate to criminals of every kind, the mistakes that have been made, and hopefully this will keep them from committing future crimes by viewing the values of their actions. This viewing (Rational Choice) should make the offender aware of what it is that they could lose should they continue to offend. Having the freedom to go to the movies, concerts and even the mall, or holding your loved ones when you want. Not having to attend a funeral in shackles and handcuffs can mean so much to a man/woman. These are just some of the consequences of ones’ actions and reasons not to re-offend. According to the video “formal CJ sanctions influence behavior and may prevent crime” (Slide 7). These are some forms informal sanctions. Both general and specific deterrence objectives is to completely stop crime, however difficult it may be. STRENGTH Some strength of rational choice, the ability to view/recognize the things that are important to you i.e. family, friends. Rational choice allows you to view your moral standards which can prevent crime. Some strength for Deterrence, it can discourage a person from committing crime, Rational choice
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