Detlor Paralegal Business Plan

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Detlor Paralegal Services will be a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by William Detlor, a licensed paralegal. The business will have three main areas of practice in the early stages of business. These areas are the Landlord & Tenant Board, the Small Claims Court and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, as well as process serving for all three areas of practice. Detlor Paralegal Services will serve the areas of Kingston, Belleville, Prince Edward County, Napanee, and surrounding rural areas.

Detlor Paralegal Services will provide legal services exclusively to landlords in Landlord & Tenant Board matters. The business will offer a wide-range of services from basic assistance such as filling out forms, writing demand letters,
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In Belleville, over 1000 crimes usually occur a year, and in 2013, Kingston had the highest sexual assault rate of all cities in Canada. Also these are extremely saddening statistics, they show that there are many victims of crime in the area that could be served by Detlor Paralegal Services and these victims of crime deserve compensation for the hardships they have endured.

Since Detlor Paralegal Services cares about the public and improving access to justice, all clients who cannot afford assistance from this business will be referred to Community Legal Clinics that offer the same services for a much smaller fee if not for free. For example, if a victim of crime from Belleville cannot afford Detlor Paralegal Services, they will be referred to Sharon Powell of the Community Advocacy and Legal Centre. Tenants who cannot afford legal services and do not have a conflict of interest with Detlor Paralegal Services or one of it’s clients will also be referred to Community Legal
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Our operating hours will be from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. By having long hours and being open on Saturdays, this business will be accessible to everyone, even those who work long hours themselves. Appointments will also be available for Sundays. Because Detlor Paralegal Services will be serving a large area, I will travel to clients’ homes or meet them at local conference rooms or other professional settings. Detlor Paralegal Services will do what it takes to be accessible to clients without them having to incur extra costs.

Detlor Paralegal Services will always put clients needs first and obey the Paralegal Rules of Conduct. The business will never skimp on quality when it comes to work and will advocate for clients as effectively as possible. Client satisfaction will also be of high importance, and if a client is unsatisfied, the business will always do what it takes to satisfy them as much as
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