Detriment of PSA Screening Essay

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Arguably the most essential and indispensable aspect of life is the attainment and preservation of good health. Individuals with health-related complications are often prevented from leading what many would consider to be a normal lifestyle. One of the several ailments that impedes typical human functioning is prostate cancer. The community of experts and professionals who have dedicated their lives to this field of study are, at this time, engaged in a substantive yet divisive and strongly opinionated dispute regarding a test considered by some to aid in the detection of this cancer. This highly scrutinized test is known as the prostate-specific antigen test, more commonly referred to as the PSA test. In the United States and more broadly…show more content…
In a fairly easy to follow rankings system or grading scale, this government health body had previously given the PSA procedure an “I” grade; in other words, the screening was thought of as inconclusive and neither the harm nor benefit could be proven by either side. In the new report, a D grade is imparted upon the screening which signifies that it is thought of in such a negative light that the panel recommends and advises against the test. Not many routine tests of this nature are given such a poor status; this fact should and does lead many physicians away from the regular administration of the screening. Not only is this test ill-advised by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, it has also been looked down upon in the past, in a sense, by various other respected and knowledgeable medical organizations. For example, both the American Cancer Society and the American Urological Association have taken a stance in opposition to routine prostate-specific antigen screenings. Using the exact scale as the one employed by the United States Preventative Services Task Force, these two organizations have given the PSA test a C grade; this status simply means that although they believe the interaction and dialogue between patient and physician to be crucial to

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