Detrimental Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

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The use of social media (which includes such media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr) has become so popular among today’s youth, that it is becoming more than just a fragment of the youth’s world, it is becoming their world. According to a social network statistics report conducted on August 18, 2013, ninety-eight percent of teens are already using some form of social media. Teens are spending more and more time online, typically on a social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Instead of being limited to an online life at home, most teens now have smart phones that allow them to be on social media sites at any time of the day. They are constantly tweeting, updating statuses, and posting pictures via Instagram. While…show more content…
Teens become who they want to be online, but in reality they are someone totally different. A major impact that social media has had on teens is teens being more comfortable online doing things that they should be more profound to doing. With a false identify, teens can easily take part in activities that they would often be hesitant towards offline. Sexting is a perfect example. Many teens today are modest and are often uncomfortable when it comes to participating in sexual activities in person; however, their modesty does not prevent them from participating online. As mentioned earlier, teens feel protected and confident behind their computer screen or phone and they will post pictures of themselves half-nude or sometimes even fully nude. Most adolescents also feel more comfortable partaking in sexual conversations online via messaging, whereas in person they would most likely avoid sexual conversations. Although this does not apply to all teens, it does apply to the majority of them. According to a survey conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, fifty-nine percent of all teens are either sending or posting sexually suggestive messages.(4) This is more than half of all teens! Emotionally, sexting can place a heavy toll on a teen, especially if the situation backfires. Teens often feel unconquerable, and even though they know that sexting is wrong they don’t think they’re
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