Detrimental Traditional Media and Social Media

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I. INTRODUCTION Media plays a great role in allowing the people to be informed, to be educated or to be entertained. People, especially teenagers, are purposely or unknowingly connecting to each other by communicating and informing themselves about the latest trends, events and happenings in the community. They are fed by information regarding different issues that happen in their day-to-day activities. Also, they are pleased by the good reviews of media but along with its swift development are other effects that harm the environment and the people living in it. Kaiser Family Foundation’s study shows that between the age of eight and eighteen, most kids and teens nowadays are glued to any forms of media. Media is a broad topic to…show more content…
5. Teenagers – It is referred to as relating to people in their teens. ( Teenagers in the study are the people being observed. They are also dubbed as youth. They are the substance in the research. 6. Traditional Media – It is also referred to as 'old media', this sort of media includes vehicles introduced before the use and advent of the internet, such as magazines, books, newspapers, and radio and television broadcasts. ( Traditional media is a type of media. It is used as the object of the study. The traditional media included in the research are television (TV) and radio only. IV. SCOPE AND LIMITATION The study will focus on the detrimental effects of traditional and social media to the youth of today in general. Nowadays, teenagers spend their pastime by watching TV, listening to the radio or surfing the net. The researchers choose the television and the radio in the traditional media for they have observed that most teens use these types of media. Also, the researchers pick social media as it is the trend among teenagers. Studies found that middle school, high school and college students check social networking sites at least once during a 15-minute
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