Detroit Is Not A Blank Canvas

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Some people believe that Detroit is comparable to a blank canvas. A place where an opportunity is lurking right around the corner. They imagine it as a deserted place, in which a businessman can create anything they dream of. However, the harsh reality is, Detroit is not a blank canvas. It has been splattered with an era of prominence, scribbled on with the invention of the automobile, and engraved with a history of racism and corruption. Although much of Detroit’s glory has been stripped away, there are still people who exist in the city’s remnants. Actual people, with actual families, actual homes, and actual lives. When outsiders talk about the city’s revival, they are often forgetting about these people, or the actual citizens of Detroit. They see up and coming businesses such as Quicken Loans, and Shinola emerging throughout the city and take it as a sign that Detroit is making a comeback. However, how is it that a city can make a comeback, when it’s 700,000 struggling residents are being neglected? How is it that businesses that attract wealthy people from the surrounding suburbs give Detroit the reputation of revival? Detroit is in an obvious need of reform, but in order to fix a problem one must start at the root of the problem. People are what make a city, and without safe, educated, and healthy people a city is destined to fail. The only way one could claim Detroit is making a full comeback, is if there is major emphasis on improving the lives of Detroit citizens.…
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