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Detroit: The Fallen City The city of Detroit, Michigan has always been known as the motor city for its car plants, a.k.a. “The Big Three” and Motown records, a.k.a. “Hitsville U.S.A.”. These are just some of the many things that made Detroit one of the thriving and driven cities within the United States. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end Detroit knows this hardship all too well. Detroit a city that once flowed with economic resources now struggles to compete with other major cities economically. Detroit is now known for crime, violence, a failing school system, and corrupt political figures. These and other negative effects on the city have caused major corporations to move to Detroit’s surrounding neighboring…show more content…
In 2003 alone Detroit accumulated a total of 18,724 violent crimes with murder leading the way at an astonishing 5.16 times the nations average (FBI, Detroit Crime Report). As of July 2009 the murder rate in Detroit has risen twenty percent with 216 people murdered from January through July 2009. Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans said, “It’s the Wild West out there.” (Oosting). Detroit’s school system has fallen into a rut with an estimated thirty-two schools set to be closing in June 2010 alone. Due to Detroit Public Schools $317 million budget deficit 8,000 students are estimated to decrease from the 87,000 enrolled the year prior (Detroit to Close 32 Public Schools). This means students will have to find new schools to attend and for many students this means traveling across the city, in my opinion this is not such a good idea. The economy is already in a stranglehold in Detroit, and to propose closing schools would force parents to make financial decisions such as moving to a different location in the city, or providing a reliable source of transportation for the children to get to school. The graduation rate in Detroit is one of the lowest in the nation. According to a podcast from National Public Radio, Cheleste Headlee reported, “Detroit ranks at the bottom of the 50 largest school districts with less than twenty-five percent of freshmen going on to graduate” (Headlee). Does the school board actually think closing
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