Detroit Urban redevelopment Essay

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DETROIT, known as the "Automotive Capital of the World," is the largest city in the state of Michigan. The city sits at the heart of an official three-county metropolitan region comprising Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.
As we look at the current condition of Detroit Michigan, you would ponder what made the city look so ran down and why did everyone abandoned a once known as a beautiful city. If one were to look at older pictures of the city back in its earlier years they wouldn't be able to tell that the city used to have life with in it. Detroit was founded on 24 July 1701, by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a French military officer and explorer, as a base to block British expansion. The permanent outpost system did not prove
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It was then that the city started to regain its vivacity. Then others decided they too could build cars, thus giving the city the nick name of the “motor city’. If one were to look at the current conditions of Detroit compared to the way it was a hundred years ago one may question how could a city be so full of decay and emptiness. Before one could answer that question they have to really look deep within the history of Detroit and the reasoning for so many buildings. When Henry Ford decided to make the horseless carriage it became an evolution which spun into the first automobile the model T. As ford was the originator and the first to offer five dollars per day. It wasn’t long afterwards that other manufacturers like General Motors came along. As mentioned on Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, one of the largest buildings built for the automotive era was the Packard Plant which closed its doors in 1956 at one time employed 33,000. It is now one of the 80,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit. The factory is over a mile long and has one of the best views of the city (Bourdain). Charles La ’Duff a guest on the television show a long time resident clearly points out that Detroit was built on wealth from the whites, as they moved to the suburbs so did their money. The middle class blacks moved in and made it their own until it became too rough for them to survive and
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