Dettwyler Book Report

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The idea of the naming system in the Ju/’hoansi was very interesting to be because there were a few parallels that could be drawn between what is seen in the United States and there. Although our naming practices are not as complex, when you meet someone with the same name as you or someone you love there is an indescribable bond that can be formed. This connection although not as intense as in the Ju/’hoansi seeing each other as related is something that many people hold to a high importance. In the section of Dettwyler, it was humbling to see that the author takes the times to create relationships with her participants instead of treating them as if they were just the place she was getting data from. In the Lee reading there was a focus on the importance of a name and where it comes from. There was also an in-depth…show more content…
This refusing of your husband was shown in the film N!ai, when she refused and didn’t like her husband at first. This refusal seen in both the film and the book is the small amount of choice that many women have when it comes to who they marry. At the end of chapter eight in Dettwlyer’s book she is showed ethnocentrism when she was comparing the life of someone with Down Syndrome in Mali and the United States. In a way Dettwyler was able to show ethnocentrism from the United States perspective while also giving an incite to the Malian view. She was able to see the positives of treatment in the United State being helpful but also the positives of the Mali community where children with down Syndrome are able to live outside the bubble of prejudices of other people. It was hard for her to know about all the help that this child with Down Syndrome would be offered in the United States and knowing that she wasn’t receiving that care in
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