Deutsche Bank : A Leading Client Centric Global Universal Bank Essay

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Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870. Since its inception Deutsche Bank had always had a global view of the banking industry, the mindset of the founders of the bank was to transact banking business of all kinds, in particular to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany, other European countries and overseas markets. What they were attempting to do was to challenge the hegemony of British banks, which at this time dominated the financing of the German foreign trade.

Today Deutsche Bank is a leading client centric global universal bank. Its business encompasses a wide range of products and services in investment banking, services that include sales, trading, research and origination of debt and equity. As well as mergers and acquisitions and risk management products, that include derivatives, corporate finance, transaction banking, fund management, wealth management, and retail banking. The group operates in all regions of the world, and since the turn of the century Deutsche Bank has been able to expand its reach to emerging markets like China, India and Russia (Deutsche Bank,

Deutsche Bank 's reputation as one of the world for leading financial institutions has been repeatedly tarnished in the last few years. However, scandal is nothing new to Deutsche Bank, as they have been entrenched in scandal since World War II. After the war, the Allied authorities determined that Deutsche Bank actively supported the Nazi regime and had been involved in

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