Deutsche Bank Summer Internship Report

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SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT Company name: Deutsche Bank Title of the report: Private Banking and Wealth Management Area of Research: Marketing Internship start and finish dates: 5th March 2012 – 30th April 2012 NAME Akarshak Tanwar Batch IIPM PGP-B : SS (11-13) SECTION SA-2 ID No. D1113SSIIPMPGPB10024 (JAI-8-CT-1187) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I, Akarshak Tanwar, would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the organization Deutsche Bank for giving me this opportunity for working as a summer management trainee and all those, with whose guidance, cooperation and sincere advice, I have been able to draw and complete my report entitled “Private Banking and Wealth Management” with reference to Deutsche Bank. I…show more content…
Long gone has the time that such purpose remains the only viable responsibility of a bank. People invest in mutual funds, open new accounts and gain long-term interests, and so many other things through the help of banks. In short, not only does the bank gain from their loyal customers, the customers in return also gain huge benefits and develop a sense of belonging and long-term relationship with their bank and bankers. That’s why it is important to be honest and open to your customers. This report also tells in detail about the Private banking and wealth management services that are being implemented by Deutsche bank for their customers. We also delve deeper into the Private banking services being implemented by Deutsche bank on global level and area level (Gurgaon branch, to be specific). RESEARCH OBJECTIVES AND METHODOLOGY Primary objectives : 1. Why do banks provide Private banking and wealth management services? What services are provided by Deutsche bank in particular? 2. Are these services actually beneficial? How exactly do they benefit the customers? 3. How does Private banking differ from other services? 4. What kinds of risks are involved? Secondary objectives : 1. Do only banks provide these services? 2. Where is all the money invested/allocated/distributed? 3. How do banks and their clients develop strong relationships? 4. Does being honest help you to do this work better, or do you need

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