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The University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus Faculty of Management Management 4430Y Financial Management Spring 2011 A.P. Palasvirta Office: Markin 4132, Lethbridge Phone: (403) 332-4582 e-mail: Goal of Course Management 4430 is the capstone course in finance and will incorporate concepts you have learned in through your study of corporate, investments, and international. We will utilize the case methodology to focus our analysis. Cases describe a context in which a particular problem is found. Regardless of the particular characteristics of the problem, problem solving follows a general methodology: identification of the problem, describing the context of the problem, analysis of potential…show more content…
Effective participation will include contributions such as the following: 1. Relevancy to the discussion; 2. Critical argument (critical implies analytical thought) about relevancy; 3. Discussion leading to further interaction of class; 4. Willingness to explore solutions that are not safe (meaning obvious) based on good analysis. Final case analysis 30% Please note that there is no numerical scale attached to the letter grades assigned at the end of the Semester. The following number ranges will approximately translate to letter grades: 80 to 100 A- and above 70 to 79 B- to B+ 60 to 69 C- to C+ 50 to 59 D to D+ 0 to 49 F Plagiarism is defined in the Academic Regulations (Part 4.2.2.a.1, page 70 of the 2007-2008 Calendar): “No student shall represent the words, ideas, images, or data of another person as his or her own. This regulation will affect any academic assignment or other component of any course or program of study, whether the plagiarized material constitutes a part of the entirety of the work submitted.” This includes work that may have been done by someone else but purchased. When any specific material is used to help in the analysis of the case it must be cited. Any text used verbatim must be in quotes and cited (much as I have done with the Calendar quote above). Failure to cite appropriately is plagiarism. Any proven act of
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