Devaluation of the Feminine

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Devaluation of the Feminine The devaluation of women is built into the culture all through industry and popular culture. When a baby is born he/she is like a blank slate to be written on by his/her surroundings, including family and society. For example, I am a Christian, however I was not born a Christian, going to Church and being taught about the Bible by my parents and teachers brought me to identify myself as a Christian. There are certain gender roles that are set up in societies that limit males and females to certain behaviors they are "supposed" to portray. The media in many cultures, particularly American culture, continues make the devaluation of females more "socially acceptable". The stereotypes for the feminine role…show more content…
Women are put on display as sexual spectacles. An example of a woman who was put on display for public entertainment is Saarjite Baartman, commonly known as Hottentot Venus. She was a South African woman whose body was exhibited at circuses, museums, and zoos. "The spectacle of Baartman's body continued even after her death at the age of 26. Pseudo-scientists interested in investigating in "primitive sexuality", dissected and cast her genitals (and buttocks) in wax. They concluded that her oversized genitals were physical proof of African Women's "primitive sexual appetite (Thompson)." This is an example of the way a woman's body was used to make a profit, similar to the way the women in the videos are exploited for ratings. As a black woman, I have begun to pick up the common theme that Kilbourne pointed out; black females are often depicted as animalistic, purely sexual, and non-human. In movies, many women are given roles that require them to be nude for sex scenes. If they are not interested, either they are rejected for the role, even if they are very good actresses, or they are offered more money until they agree to do the scene(s). Only the most "beautiful" actresses with the most "perfect" bodies are asked to do nude scenes. If the actress that gets the role does not have a fit body, they are given a body double that does have an ideal body. Therefore, actresses that are trying to become
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