Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability Assessment Task 1

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Develop policy Three policy option summaries: * Using resources wisely: * Econo-Environmental * Environmental Stewardship * Encouraging visitors to consider sustainability: Encouraging customers to make sustainable choices is the biggest environmental challenge. * Focusing on appropriate management principles: * Customer focus * Leadership * Involvement of people * Draft sustainability policy: Using resources wisely: * Econo-environmental: * Resource efficiency: Try to use resource efficiency, avoid to waste electric and water. * Sorting of recyclable paper from general rubbish * Environmental Stewardship * Clean air, water, and land * Lower…show more content…
Strategies for promotion awareness of the sustainability policy: * Print up posters that summarize the company’s sustainability priorities and goals. * Set up a “Sustainability Corner” on the company intranet. * Send employees an email with a link to the company’s latest sustainability report. * Create a bulletin board in the cafeteria where sustainability info is rotated monthly. * Host a “green fair” in a large conference room, with stations devoted to different areas of the company’s sustainability initiatives. * Provide sustainability tours that point out sustainable building features. * Develop a self-guided walking tour of your facilities, highlighting key sustainable features. * Put up signs in the kitchen and bathrooms highlighting water conservation activities. Strategies for maximising the impact of the policy: * Stakeholder engagement: Organisations can learn from customers, employees and their surrounding community. Engagement is not only about pushing out messages, but understanding opposition, finding common ground and involving stakeholders in joint decision-making; * Environmental management systems: These systems provide the structures and processes that help embed environmental efficiency into a firm’s culture and mitigate risks. The most widely recognized standard worldwide is ISO 14001, but numerous other industry-specific and

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