Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

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Develop Workplace Policy & Procedures for Sustainability

Table of Contents
PART 3-10 3
Benefits of a Sustainability 4-5
Methods of Consultation/Communication of the 5-6
Set of Procedures that will Ensure Improvement in Resource 6-8
Methods Used to Track & Monitor Continuous 8-9
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Financial Impacts:
The integration of the recommended policy can be undertaken within council’s existing budget or through opportunities for external funding at either a local or regional level. Another significant factor is the savings on power, electricity, and resources in the long run.
Risk Assessment:
Simply no risks have been identified. By providing tools for the consideration of sustainability in all aspects of WCC processes, this project has the potential to enhance WCC’s risk management processes.
Methods of Consultation/Communication of the policy
WCC have a wide range of key stakeholders, thus continual engagement with these stakeholders is an absolute must. As is why there is a need for a variety of methods to be put in place in order to have continual consultation with all levels of stakeholders. WCC must engage staff of levels including Executive, senior and middle management groups as well as other staff from various departments.
Methods of Consultation will include: * Regular work group meetings * One local and one regional workshop WCC, facilitated by external company experts in implementation and training in Sustainability Policies. * One on one interviews * One on one meetings * Informative project
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