Develop and Implement Policies & Procedures to Support the Safe Guarding of Children and Young People

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We make sure at C and C we have policies and procedures in place for safeguarding and child protection: * protects children and young people from harm and abuse * enables staff to know what to do if they are worried * Shows that our staff is responsible and has pride in its work. In England the law states that people who work with children have to keep them safe. This safeguarding legislation is set out in The Children Act (1989) and (2004). It also features in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (to which the UK is a signatory) and sets out the rights of children to be free from abuse. The Government also provides guidance in their document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013. Jobs that…show more content…
Serious case reviews are undertaken when a child or young person dies where abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the death. Serious care reviews are set up to see what lessons can be learnt from the death about the way in which local professionals and organisations work separately and together to help safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people. It is also set up to improve how they can work better together to ensure nothing like that happened again. In our care home data protection and information handling with regards to safeguarding children is taken very seriously. Although we need to keep information on pupils so that we can support their teaching and learning and so we can report on their progress, all this information is kept on locked computers in which all care staff have access to. All contact details for children and staff are kept in the office in a locked cupboard and only the persons who have access to the key can access this data. Also all the staff are spoken too upon staffing with Channels and Choices to say they will not discuss any information regarding a child or other staff member with people who it
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