Developing A Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

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The purpose of this study is to develop a child sexual abuse treatment program is to create awareness among overall community members towards child rights protection and child safety. It plans to implement this program in the schools of the county of Florida; Okeechobee.

Child abuse is the biggest curse for any society. It has become a major issue for discussion due to its seriousness and brutality.
Through research it has been found that one out of ten children has the probability to get abused before the age of 18 years. It causes mental trauma and a continuous pain to those who have faced it, an unforgettable incident which will always haunt them. It has been found that people who are sexually exploited face life long
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It is because of the threat by the person who has done the abuse or some time the child is so small that he cannot understands what has happened. Most of these incidents are therefore not reported to police.

A number of organisations and the Government have come forward to prevent child abuse.

Who will lead the Child Abuse treatment Program?

A team of the following members will be made to solve the problems of children:

• People from Non-Government Organisations
• A specialist in imparting education for prevention.
• The counsellor, who will counsel the students accordingly.
• legal experts
• Parents of the children
• Teachers


To organise this session the company will take the help of child abuse prevention centres, rape crisis centres, and local Non-Government bodies.

The Program will be conducted on the basis of:

The programs will be designed according to the age level of the child. Small children do not understand anything so they need to be trained very softly and tactfully.
It may consist of long or very short sessions depending upon the requirements and techniques involved.

The prevention programs or the treatment program for preventing child abuse:
These programs have been implemented globally to reduce child abuse. The first type of approach which is used to reduce child abuse is the approach to reduce risk. It is based on educating the child about sexual abuse and trains them with the skills to

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