Developing A Communication Plan For Apple

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Developing a Communication Plan for Apple Author’s name: Institutional Affiliation Developing a Communication Plan for Apple Abstract Apple is one of the companies that are doing well in the current world of technology. It produces the best products that are usually of high quality hence meeting the needs of most of their customers. However, the success of Apple has been greatly attributed to the system as well as its leadership structure. As such, the major concern of Apple is to analyze the changes and revitalization that it has been planning to embrace so as to enhance communication as well as decision making process of the firm. It is therefore essential to focus on developing a communication plan for Apple. It is however more important to understand the timeline, the methods of communication, the purpose of communication, as well as the stakeholders in Apple’s Communication plan. The communication plan for Apple also needs to include the message as well as the frequency of communication for the firm. Introduction All the successful initiatives usually have execution as well as plans for their competences. Yet demonstrating and planning the competences of the organization is just as essential, and while they are manifested in the leadership of the Apple Company, they may be regularly omitted. Also, it is worth to note that the interactions of the initiatives with the competences cannot just be accidental and random. A communication plan is usually used to
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