Developing A Culture Of Safety

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The State of Pennsylvania requires that every hospital appoint a patient safety officer to uphold the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (Mcare) law. As the appointee for my hospital, I realize the magnitude of this role in advocating this awesome responsibility, and believe it extends far beyond any one individual alone. My role in preserving the Mcare law and promoting patient safety is accomplished by working collaboratively with patients and families, nurses, physicians, allied health professionals and service staff to achieve excellent care and quality outcomes. The driving force in the organization for promoting and enhancing quality care begins with developing a culture of safety which is a dynamic and continuous…show more content…
Once establishing the relationships and shared purpose between leaders and frontline a team is formed allowing influence of decisions and choices and a shared purpose is set for all to follow. I try to influence others by presenting research and material from evidence based practice to inform and motivate patients and team members to understand their purpose within the interactive healthcare process across the continuum of care. Within the hospital, I see my approach to serving as a driver for quality and safety by assisting in the development of partnerships to design safe plans to achieve established goals, and further providing recognition of any barriers in achieving the goals. This partnership must extend beyond the hospital and extend to the context of the patients’ in their communities. Together we build relationships, to participate in establishing standard operating procedures and guidelines in risk activities within the hospital and advocacy for the patient’s individual needs and desires, built into the plan in all phases of health, considering the patients risks when they leave our watchful eye and go out into the community. In addition to establishing trustful relationships, organizational safety culture is attained by designing appropriate quality initiatives and process improvements. From a broad perspective, we use analysis of data and methods
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