Developing A Foreign Country Is Not An Easy Option For Everyone

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Living in a foreign country is not an easy option for everyone; in addition, peope must face to many difficulties during time they live there. Some imigrants have to come back home then, because they are being under stress in adapting to new life. There is a quote that “If you don’t like something, change it, if you can not change it, change the way you think”. If you can’t still change your thinking, you’re not belong to that place. Somebody can do very well in a new environment, but somebody can not, they have a lot trouble in new language, new culture and even the pressure in work. When a person come to the United States, language is the first problem they have to face with. Somebody have a chance to go to school or private class for learning English, so they can speak English fluently with local people after a short time. However, someone don’t have time or money to go to school, they need to work to earn money . It will be very hard for those people to speak English. Despite they can meet some persons who can speak English in the place they are working, but they will need a long time to understand what people say. This thing cause somebody feel tired and confusied. On the other hand, someone have ability to learn foreign language in a short time while someone is not able to do that. They feel as a nightmare when they communicate with someone, and they don’t undersand anything. When we speak a new language, it means we are living in a new world. We will get more things
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