Developing A Framework Is A Major Step For Research Process

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Developing a framework is a major step in research process. As Doctor of nursing practice(DNP), it is important to understand theories and framework related to theoretical ideas and application. The term Concept used in nursing to describe or name a phenomenon to give meaning. (Grove, S., Burns, N., & Gray, J., 2013). Depression is an example of a concept which relates to low mood, loss of interest or pleasure, lack of motivation, decreased energy and low self-esteem. Concepts differ at the level of abstraction. According to Grove, S, et al. (2013) relationships statement between two or more concepts provides a framework leading to the study objective, hypothesis, study design and statistical analysis needed. Abstract concepts may not apply to clinical practice. Conceptual model also is known as grand theory is used to explain philosophical standpoint. The theory consists of concepts and rational statements used to describe their relationship. Scientific theories are considered law because of their relationship which has evidence. Middle range theories are relevant to both research and practice. it developed from qualitative data, clinical experiences, clinical practice guidelines. Middle range theory compared with the grand theory is less abstract, and more frequently used. Middle range theory helps the practitioner to understand their patient’s behavior to be able to come up with interventions that are beneficial to the patient. (Grove, S., Burns, N., & Gray, J.,
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