Developing A Good Training Program Essay

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Developing a good training program does not stop with the completion of the training plan and delivery of the training. In order to ensure the training meets the desired goals there must be a training assessment. To complete a training assessment we must understand why an assessment is crucial to the training program and how the assessment should be included in the ongoing development of the training program. Additionally, we need to understand the difference between cognitive, affective, and behavioral domains of learning. Finally, we are presented with two different thought processes when applying a learning assessment. While these two processes are similar, there are differences and we will discuss the differences between Bloom’s taxonomies of learning and Kirkpatrick’s four levels of assessment. One thing that is certain, to ensure a successful training program there must be an assessment of the training completed. A training assessment can be thought of as the final link in the chain of training development. Without this link, the chain is not complete and there cannot be an assurance that the training was productive. We need to assess the training to determine if the trainee understands and applies what they have learned, incorporates this training into the business structure by reducing time expended on the job and increasing profit, and finally increasing morale of the workforce to ensure this change is effective and will continue down the path it was
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