Developing A Graduate Course On Clinical Supervision Essay

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This paper is to reflect on my process of developing a graduate course on clinical supervision. I will reflect on the process through responding to the questions provided by the instructor. How do you think developing this course helped to develop your knowledge of pedagogy? How about of supervision? Were there surprises? Developing a course on clinical supervision allowed me to reflect on how to effectively construct an online graduate course. As I constructed the course and its syllabus, I paid attention to the sequence of course. I wished the materials to flow well. It was my intention to assist the learners to increase their knowledge about clinical supervision and develop competency on this subject. Therefore, it was important for me to start the course with an overview of clinical supervision and its research. From there, I included specific areas of supervision that align with Saybrook’s mission. Examples of those areas are ethics, multiculturalism, and the humanistic approach to supervision. In reviewing literature on clinical supervision, I was exposed to various approaches (see Bernard & Goodyear, 2014). Although, contents of literature did not greatly surprise me, they were very helpful in articulating my past experiences as a supervisee as well as supervisor. I was able to identify some of methods utilized by my past supervisors. My past supervisors were practicing what were described in textbooks without naming them. Perhaps, it is not always helpful to name
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