Developing A Health Advocacy Campaign

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Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign Living a long, thriving and healthy life is a vision many Americans strive to make into a reality. Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS epidemic has deprived many people of this dream. HIV/AIDS is one of the worlds’ most serious and the deadliest diseases and a $30.4 billion drain on healthcare cost in the United States, and of this figures’ 57% is appropriated for routine care, 10% for housing and social support assistance, 9% for research and 22% for global assistance to address the epidemic (The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, 2016). According to Small & Kerr, (2011), HIV/AIDS research has had a long and peculiar history in evidence-based advances related to disease management, education, and antiretroviral medication. With all the advances to increase HIV/AIDS awareness, access to care, fear of stigma and lack of confidentiality act as reasoning for treatment and testing refusal. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the possible course of public policy mandate reporting and incorporating responses to legal and ethical dilemmas through effective advocacy programs and supportive lobbyists. Part I: Population Health Issue and Population Affected HIV transmission is primarily through direct contact with bodily fluids such as blood, vaginal fluid, semen, breast milk, and pre-seminal fluid. Blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, anal, vaginal, and oral sex are the primary forms of transmission.
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